Food in The City: The Conference


You are invited to Food in the City: The Conference, May 25-26, 2012, a celebration of the innovative and groundbreaking work being done in our city to help build a resilient local food system.

Register early to secure your place at the table for a conversation about developing a city-wide food and agriculture strategy together. Participants will be able to learn and engage in conversation about food and agriculture issues, hear about the development of a preliminary draft strategy and play a part in promoting Edmonton as a leader in innovative municipal food and agriculture policy and initiatives. Program highlights:
  • Keynote speaker Wayne Roberts, author of the No Nonsense Guide to World Food
  • Workshops
  • The “Taste of Alberta” evening reception
For more information, to register for the conference or to get information on how to get involved, please visit:     Food and Agriculture Project Team

City of Edmonton: The Way We Green speaker series


Lessons from Radical Industry: Transfroming Busines Culture, Finding Pathways to Sustainability

Presented by Nadine Gudz, Director of Sustainability Strategy, InterfaceFLOR

Date: Tuesday Nov 8, 2011

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Location: Edmonton City Hall - City Room

Cost: Free!


Minutes for Moard Meeting from Oct 12 are attached.

Prairie Chapter Board Meeting

The Prairie Chpater conducts its board meeting by conference call in order to accomodate board members who live in diffferent provinces. Sierra Club members are welcome to attend. 

The Next meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday Oct 12 at 8pm AB/SK time, and 7pm MB time.

Our new director, Eriel Deranger, will also be in attendance.

If you are interested in attending the meeting please email for the participant access code and phone number so you may attend. Tardiness will be expected since new participants coming and going can be very disruptive.

The agenda is as follows.

(Five Minute Items),

1.  Welcome, 2.  Read and adopt agenda, 3.  Minutes of last meeting, discussion and adoption,   (Ten Minute Items) 4.  New Director and executive members introduce themselves. 5.  Scheduling a face-to-face meeting, 6.  Contributing financially to the Walk for a Nuclear-free Future, 7.  Proposed Symposium on Uranium and Radiation for 2013, (discuss possible Sierra Club co-sponsorship and participation). 8.  House parties and fund-raising for the Prairie Chapter, 9.  Other Business, 10. Next Meeting.
scpc_-_minutes_october_12_2011.doc92.5 KB

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